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Things I am Not Buying

Before I heard of Sarah Lazarovic, author of “A Bunch of Pretty Things I did not Buy,” I had the idea to blog about the things I want to buy, but do not need to, in an effort to curb my spending due to my awesome resourcefulness

I have not posted my outfits lately, but I still haven’t bought any new clothes.  It’s been two months, a record for me!!!

I came close to clicking “purchase” on the below this weekend, and am glad I didn’t:

Aquazzura fringe sandals:  I love these, suede, fringe, and four inches- what’s not to love?!  The price tag, still a lot at 30% off.  I may get them if they go lower

Burberry and Ray Ban folding sunglasses:  I started looking into foldable sunglasses in an effort to successfully play purse tetris with my WOC.  I may still order them to see if they fit both my face and my purse

Mason Pearson:  I’ve always wanted to try one of these ultra expensive hairbrushes, and I still may, but…

I’m saving money for a new purse, travel, repayment to my brother, interior decorating, and cash cushion, among other things

You know what’s funny?  It’s never enough.  Which basically means money isn’t it.  It makes things easier, but it’s not the end all