Things that are making me happy right now

A perfect pedicure


A doing one of the things she does best


A gorgeous day


The amazing recipe:

I made this on Saturday and it was delicious.  I would have taken a picture if we didn’t wolf it down


On My Mind

Girl Crushes

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Jenna Dewan Tatum


Suki Waterhouse



Rachel Bilson




It’s hard to find people to click with, but girlfriends are no exception.  I went to my first Meetup in this town last night and met some nice girls, but it was hard to talk with the loud music.  I’m going to keep trying

Moving On (and second guessing but doing it any way…)

Moving on from something that wasn’t working, even if it doesn’t make some people happy, even if I second guess whether I am doing the right thing a little % of the time, I’m still doing it because there’s only one way to find out


Let’s face it, I’m not going to quit cold turkey.  I love shopping, it’s my fave past time (aka addiction.)  I do need to get my spending to a reasonable level though, which means a lot fewer high end stores (Barneys, Saks, Neimans,) and a lot more low to mid-price stores (hello again Runway Outlet- I’ve missed you!!!)

And with that, have a good weekend everyone…xoxo

You scream I scream

We all scream for Blank Slate ice cream!!!




We stood in line for the grand opening of a new ice cream store in downtown today and tried their malted stout, cookies and cream, balsamic strawberry, and banana foster. 

The last was way too sweet, the other three were good, especially the strongly flavored malted stout and the delicately flavored balsamic strawberry.

They have lots of seating with chalkboard tables and buckets of fat sidewalk chalk for you to doodle.

Everyone was very nice.  Prices are high but we will probably come once in a while to support a local business.