What I’m Loving (formerly known as Five Things)

Instead of limiting myself to five things I’m into right now, I’m starting a new weekly post entitled “What I’m Loving”

1.  Opportunity:  I just got a great one yesterday, yippee!!!

2.  The New Potato:  great interviews, recipes, restaurant reviews, lots of eye candy


3.  Fresh:  I have been a fan of this brand for six years and counting…their products are definitely on the high side, but a little goes a long way, they are quality skin and hair care products and scents, and I love their packaging.  Plus, they have a reward program and are generous with samples!


4.  Summer:  it doesn’t get dark until 10 p.m. in the western part of the eastern time zone…pretty cool especially if you want to mow the lawn at night, but I wish the seasons are not so extreme.  Winter is long and bone cold and mostly dark with summer warmer (relatively) and lots of daylight like it’s Alaska.  I prefer mild temperature all year round.  Like L.A.

5.  Caprese Salad:  I use kumato tomatoes (they taste better, trust me,) mozzarella (fresh if you can, but there’s no such thing as bad moz,) basil, balsamic vinegar…I have been skipping EVOO.  The salad is tasty, sweet, satisfying, and filling.

6.  My new third hand





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