On My Mind

Family:  how important they are, more important than anything else in life

Work:  why is it hard to admit what I want to do?  I know what I love doing, but I can’t even bring it up as a way to make a living

Where We Live:  I am so glad B and I agree on moving out of southeast Michigan in ten years.  I hope we head back to my hometown of L.A.!!!

Exercising:  I love yoga, I like pilates, but I need cardio.  Besides walking with A, I’m going to try jogging and dance exercises at home.  It has to be fun or I don’t keep it up.  And I need to because I want to wear this in a few weeks



I read Barry Jay of the famous Barry’s boot camp said muffin tops are a sign of over eating. I don’t disagree.  Like many people I eat more than necessary out of boredom, especially at work.  What do you to to prevent yourself from doing that?

Fabulous Sales:  Barneys, Net a Porter, Forward by Elyse Walker, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstroms are making a dense in my wallet








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