On My Mind

I am a bad influence– over the weekend I bought a huge ice cream sandwich and slice of deep dish pizza while we were out and about.  I wanted a snack but both were too much even though B and I shared them.  He wouldn’t have bought any without me, I’m a bad influence.  To prepare for my next snack craving, I’m trying these recipes:



Too much perfume– loving the Carnal Flower that just arrived, but two full spritzes are too much!  Sorry about yesterday people

You are what you eat– I was craving noodles (as usual) and cooked up a bag of wide egg noodles.  After inhaling a large bowl I felt sluggish and ugh, big surprise.  I’ll remember that feeling next time I feel like drowning in a big bowl of unhealthy carbs

Girl Crush– Karlie is the perfect example of how you look your healthiest when you are happy

IMG_0194-613x408 Karlie ITG


Healthy Eats- my pilates teacher recommended Whole Foods, Babo, Plum Market, and Juicy Kitchen.  I know they offer great healthy convenient options, but all are pricey.  How do you determine how much to spend on food vs. everything else?


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