My Morning Routine

Is anyone else finding themselves exhausted by the time they get to the office?  I set the alarm for 4 a.m. because I like quiet time in the mornings and am a morning person.  I am usually in bed by 10 p.m.  Quite unlike the old times…

Today I got up at 5 p.m. and left for work around 8 a.m.  In those three hours I fed A, made coffee, did a lot of online browsing (my morning ritual,) drank the coffee, showered, took A for a walk, washed dishes, made a smoothie/caprese salad for breakfast and packed lunch from leftovers, did my pilates 5 series, got ready for work, was on the road for about 40 mins, and by the time I dragged myself into my office building I was tired.  Even more so after talking with my boss.

Am I doing too much in the mornings?  I get at least six hours of sleep a night so I don’t feel I can claim sleep deprivation…


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