My Changing View on Travel

I don’t consider myself a world traveler.  I have been to many places, not as many as I’d like, but I have visited three continents besides the one I live in.  Could be worse, right?

I used to think a hotel is not something you should spend a lot of money on, especially if you are in an urban jungle like New York City.  I mean, who stays in their hotel room?  You should be out walking and eating and shopping and drinking and sightseeing…your hotel room is only to shower and crash.

Now that I have turned 40, and partly due to the influence of B, I have changed my tune and accommodations outrank food and almost everything else.  Why?  Because it’s nice to have a luxurious place to rest, to sleep, to hang out in if you don’t feel like going out.  Or if you can’t thanks to mother nature.   The hotel is your home away from home while travelling.

Here are two places we recently stayed at that I highly recommend.  Full review to follow.

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington


The Langham Huntington Hotel, Pasadena, California



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