About Last Night

Somehow, my invitation to the Fashion Prom (aka Met Gala) got lost in the mail so I had to settle for watching from afar.  Below are my picks for best and worst dressed of the evening:

Best Dressed

Suki Waterhouse:  absolute perfection.  Her dress, her makeup (especially that lipstick!) her facial expression, even the way she’s standing.  Burberry 1, everyone else 0.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley:  how can you look anything but smashing when you’re tall and gorgeous?  Not everyone can pull off this Balmain number and those sandals, but RHW is in a class of her own.

Rachel McAdams:  the epitome of less is more.  A simple Ralph Lauren is elegant and classic, not boring.  Her hair and makeup went perfectly with her dress.

Worst Dressed

Elizabeth Olsen:  Miu Miu can be hit or miss, and this was definitely a miss.  Looks like an ice skating costume gone wrong.  I don’t get the shoes.  At all.

Kate Upton:  Pretty girl.  Wrong dress.  Wrong event.

Nicole Richie:  Maybe this dress looks better in person.  Maybe not.  Nicole’s skin tone looks lovely in lavender, but there are no brownie points for matching the color of your dress and the color of your hair.


All images from New York Times


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