Finally Friday

I’ll be heading out of the office in a short while, hallelujah!!!  My eyes are sore from too many hours starring at the computer screen.  I make it a point to look away, but my eyes are still sore.

I need to send a difficult email before leaving, the email is to tell someone they didn’t get the job.  It has to be done but I dread doing it.

I had the same lunch today as yesterday:  the oyster bento box from Bento39.  It was still delicious, but not as good as yesterday.  I’m sure it was me and not the food, right?  When I find something new that I like, I tend to go to it for four to five days straight or until I get sick of it.

Anyone familiar with Emily’s blog?

I started at her very first post this week and am in the middle of 2010.  It’s interesting to see how she has evolved in her life and style.  I think she is gorgeous, but I like her with long hair better.

Last but not least, a mouth watering shot of one of nature’s candy:

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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